About Toke the Token

Toke the Token (Triple T) is a brand-new finance project that will be community driven. Triple T aims to differentiate ourselves from other projects by forming strong partnerships with the 420 community.

The 420 community needs their own crypto currency, and this is it.

Triple T is a 100% community run project that has huge plans to totally change the game. We have a great team of individuals who have a vast wealth of experience in the crypto world. We decided to merge those skills with our idea to create something that will provide long-term benefits for the 420 community.

After seeing several projects launch and then prepare audits, marketing etc., our plan is to hit the ground running and have everything in place at launch

Our long-term goal as a community is to see Triple T being used as currency in the gaming industry as well as wide spread awareness of the joys 420 brings.

We are a community that believes the world deserves to know the facts of Cannabis benefits as well as giving the little guy a fighting chance to have their own financial freedom. We have all seen several 420 coins launch, but never could encapture the 420 community

Let's Start




Our team consists of 5 people that know 2 things very well, crypto and 420.
We have been involved in many projects and now feel is the right time to launch our own project.
Everyone has different experiences and qualifications which we feel will drive us forward.
The team had a hard-working ethic that will not take failure as an option.
We very much look forward to the community joining and supporting as much a possible to make this project a success.


STEP 1 Download metamask through app store , or chrome extension,
Set up and configure your wallet
STEP 2Now add the Binance network , go to settings add custom network , add these details
Name : Smart chain
Chain id : 56
Currency symbol : BNB
Block Explorer URL
STEP 3 Send BNB on the bep 20/ bsc network to the bnb receive address off Binance or other exchanges
STEP 4 On metamask browser load up www.pancakeswap.finance/swap go to swap
Step 5 Select currency then copy and paste the contract address. Then import it
STEP 6 Then swap for the desired amount of toke ,
set the slippage on settings between 11 to 15%


We're a community focused project so we appreciate any and all feedback!